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and said:. ‘are dispersed it,Coach Outlet Store.’ Tang Zhen
hear the remark,Coach Outlet Store Online, that many around the valley around 焚炎 disciples, suddenly Gong Sheng replied quickly, and then recover those projected in the body of the singular vision of Xiao Yan, whispered conversation with each other and slowly moved away, faint among , round after round of amazing sounds, is still all the way across the pass over, apparently Xiao Yan’s performance today, some of them so that was a surprise.
Wu Chen stood on the ruins of the clearing, his face somewhat volatile,Coach Bags On Sale, after a long while, only unwilling to toss sleeves, stared fiercely at Xiao Yan, finally,Coach Outlet, no more talkative blending matter. Nobody saw
objections, Tang Zhen Xiao Yan turned, smiled and said:. ‘Come with me,’ ‘After saying that, he is turned toward the first to go to the depths of the valley, Don fire children trot to keep up with its After Xiao Yan hesitated a moment, but also to quickly follow. ‘Skyfire Sanxuan change is 焚炎 Valley’s top secret law, it is generally stored in a valley among the fighting skills Court. ” Don fire with children and Xiao Yan Tang Zhen behind former whispered with Xiao Yan smiled. Xiao Yan Tang fire directed at children smiled and nodded.
‘Hey, Xiao Yan, you just kind of fire lotus, is what level of fighting skills ah? Why would such a powerful terrorist?’ Xiao Yan did not want to see more, said Don fire Erque is somewhat lost patience, dawdle After a while, finally whispered. Don fire when children ask these words, that walking in front of the Tang Zhen, the pace is slowing down a little bit sudden.
Xiao Yan smiled, just casually said: ‘That was my fire even use different fire cemented only, so power is not weak,Coach Factory Outlet, but this stuff is great consumption,Coach Outlet,’ ‘
Lin Buddhist anger is Xiao Yan cards, by virtue of the moment when

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and said: ‘That old guy young suffered heavy injuries ’cause now sequelae,Coach Outlet Store Online, if able to solve this trouble with his temper, to Fenyan valley to join the alliance, is pretty easy. ‘
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan slowly nodded his head, his eyes appeared to emerge more fervent promise, these forces can Union’s ‘strength are far beyond his expectations, if they really will finally be able to form a grand coalition, then this Union,Coach Outlet Store, will undoubtedly become a super-powers to make on the Plains!
‘coalition of things must be done before the fire demon born Joren’
Xiao Yan eyes shimmering,Coach Outlet Store Online, Joren this and other odd fire demon fire,Cheap Coach, the soul is bound to sell the family, to the time if there is no real cost, what could talk to them fight? One man alone, he is obviously not fly, the Tigers no match for a pack of wolves, the ancestors experienced with Xiao Xuan Xiao Yan words to tell the true extent, so do alliances must be resolved as soon as possible! (Seeking recommendations,Coach Factory Outlet, monthly, thank you !!!!!!! ’1420th chapter kill a chicken to do the monkey Astral’s war
, along with Xiao Yan’s exit, vigorous concluded that the war will no doubt get Xiao Yan and the stars fell on the Plains Pavilion popularity peaked.
to single-handedly, the only holy war three and a half, two deaths and one injury,cheap coach bags, and finally alerted the Holy Spirit clan fighting strong shot himself, just to make that last one and a half was wounded and fled the Holy strong!
such a record, enough to make any man’s moved, in the eyes of many people, half of San strong, almost a legend among the kind in the strong, however, and now ‘It’s in the eyes of others, such as unattainable strong who is directly beheaded two Xiao Yan, which compelled people to whom shocked, and since then, over the Central Plains, and probably will not have