Lingerie Essentials That Are The Basis For Your Lingerie Collection

sexy Leopard Trimmed Strappy Cutout Lingerie and Stocking

All women have their own unique style and taste that determine what exactly they will have in their lingerie collection. With that said, you will find that there are certain selections of lingerie you cannot do without. These are the items of lingerie that will make you feel both sexy and comfortable.

Good lingerie accomplishes both a sexy look and good comfort. When you feel comfortable and you know you look good you will be more confident and happy. Your personal lingerie collection should help you meet both goals of feeling sexy and comfortable.

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How to Measure Christmas Stockings

sexy Cut out Leopard Print Christmas Body Stockings

Customers often ask us how Christmas Stockings are measured so they can purchase the right size. They also want to make sure that they are getting what they pay for. We understand that there can be confusion and frustration in purchasing merchandise online where you cannot study the item and measure the stocking for yourself. To solve this dilemma and make our customers shopping experience with us as joyful as possible, we checked our competitors, talked to our vendors and found the most often used method for measuring Christmas Stockings are as follows.

This is a very simple yet accurate method. Just lay the plush stocking on a flat surface. Take a measuring tape and place it at the upper left corner of the cuff and stretch the tape down, diagonally across the Stocking to the end of the toe of the stocking. This gives you the length of the Christmas stocking. For the width of the Stocking, simply measure across the cuff.

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